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Truck driver dodges death, steel beams miss a few centimeters in Cras

WSP soldiers did not say what led to the crash, but that a tractor-trailer driver is lucky to be alive.

On Wednesday evening, at the intersection of Yelm and Highway 395, the driver of the truck apparently braked hard to avoid another incident.

Judging by the photos posted on Twitter by Private Chris Thorson of the WSP, there does not appear to be any damage to the semi. But that’s what happened behind the driver who a lot shaking his head.


The driver, slamming the brakes, apparently moved his load of huge steel beams, and several of them slipped through the back of his driver’s cabin, literally missing his headrest by a few inches.

No word if quotes were issued, no mention made by Trooper Thorson. Thorson, who is the public information officer for the WSP for all of Southeast Washington state, said the driver was lucky to be unharmed. Authorities also did not say whether the driver, whose name was not disclosed, was heading south or north.

Steel beams cross cabin in crash (WSP Tooper Thorson Twitter)

No information was released as to what caused the driver to press his brakes, or if other vehicles were involved. The crossroads was blocked for several hours.

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