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The 7 best apps to find cheap tires and services

Buying a new set of tires or booking a service to get wheels aligned or balanced is now considerably easy with mobile apps. Many companies that offer both new and used tires have apps that allow people to browse their inventory and make a purchase.

Whether you need tires for your SUV, ATV, truck, or even your trailer, there are mobile apps you can use instead of visiting the store first. Here are seven popular apps you can use to find cheaper tires and services.


1. Discount tire

Discount Tire is the official mobile app of Discount Tire Company, one of the largest independent tire retailers in the United States.

The company has 1,092 stores in 36 states and sells tires, new and used, sensors, wheel nuts, wiper blades, and offers various services, such as:

  • Installation of wheels and tires
  • Tire change
  • Tire inspections
  • Wheel nut replacement
  • Wheel and tire rotation
  • Installation of wiper blades

Through the app, you can choose from different tires in their inventory, see how they will look on your car through a wheel visualizer that uses augmented reality, and even pay online.

However, you cannot use the app to book an appointment online. It tells you the nearest store, so you can use that information to make a reservation instead.

To download: Discount tire for android | iOS (Free)

Tires Plus app is a great platform that allows car owners to easily manage different auto services, make reservations, track maintenance schedules, request roadside assistance and purchase new tires or used for your car.

The app is free and allows you to easily locate a nearby Tires Plus store. You can also compare coupons and offers for different services, including incentives, directly through the app.

The app is quite intuitive and the company regularly updates it to promote upcoming sales events or promotions. It lets you track maintenance schedules, so you can book car service once your car has reached the required mileage right from the app.

This is one of the best apps for car maintenance, as it lets you track how long it’s been since your last service, and any repair or maintenance work you’ve done in the past.

To download: Tires Plus for android | iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

3. Canadian Tire

If you need to buy a new set of wheels or tires for your car, but don’t want to spend the full amount all at once, Canadian Tire is one of the best apps you can use. You can view the stores closest to you via the Canadian Tire app and find out what inventory is available.

Canadian Tire lets you claim rewards, find nearest Canadian Tire stores, and even earn Canadian Tire Money that you can redeem in the app. It’s a very smart and hassle-free way to find good quality tires at affordable prices.

Exclusive rewards and offers are also available in the app which you can use to get discounts on your new tire purchases.

To download: Canadian Tire for android | iOS (Free)

America’s Tire is one of the largest tire retailers in all of California. The company offers tires from many brands, allowing customers to select their specifications and then have those tires or wheels fitted at one of their stores.

America’s Tire’s mobile app is fairly simplistic, allowing users to select their car’s make and model to view all available wheels or tires. You can also view in-store promotions or marketing campaigns, or find the nearest store.

And, it even allows users to make payments directly through the app by adding their credit card, allowing them to simply visit the store and have their new wheels installed.

To download: America’s tire for android | iOS (Free)

5. Tire expert

Tire Expert is a fantastic mobile app that you can use to easily determine the best replacements for your tire. If you are not sure what tires to buy for your car or the latest models, you can use Tire Expert to easily upgrade yourself.

Tire Expert allows you to review the sizes and identify the tires that would fit your car. You can also check out the latest release lines from different manufacturers and determine if you want the right tires for faster speeds, better performance, or more economical driving.

To download: Tire expert for android (Free)

6. Tire Service Solutions

Tire Service Solutions is a fantastic mobile app that makes it easy to find tire shops near you and even contact them directly for roadside assistance if you need it.

This is a fairly simple platform that allows you to search for stores that sell cheap tires. You can contact the sales staff directly and get quotes for different tire models. There are even websites to help you buy your next vehicle.

Whether you want to buy used tires or need a new set, you can easily compare different options and make a choice. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to buy new tires and need to contact a salesperson.

To download: Tire Service Solutions for android | iOS (Free)

7. The Tires app

The Tire app is a great mobile app that lets you easily buy new tires by comparing prices at different stores. It allows users to create an account and browse available inventory.

There are great search options available as you can choose from different tire widths or search by make and model of your car.

The Tire app is a relatively simple and intuitive app, although the interface may need some work. But if you’re looking to buy new tires for your car, the app makes it easy to find nearby stores and make an informed purchase.

To download: The Tires app for Android | iOS (Free)

Maintaining your car is easy with mobile apps

It is important to replace your car’s tires once they have reached the end of their useful life. These applications will allow you to easily replace your tires and install new ones, directly from your mobile phone.

There are seven apps that let you buy a new or used vehicle now, so it’s easy to see how quickly the industry is changing as more dealerships realize the importance of mobile e-commerce.