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Sydney garbage truck driver Barry John Reidy avoids immediate jail time for killing pedestrian

A garbage truck driver who hit and killed a sydney pedestrian while cutting a corner was spared immediately jail time.
The 57-year-old lorry driver was turning right onto the road and failed to keep a proper lookout as he drove briefly into the northbound lane, the District To research found Monday.
Barry John Reidy arrives at Downing Center District Court in Sydney on Monday, October 10, 2022. He avoided immediate jail time for fatally hitting a pedestrian while driving a garbage truck. (AAP Image/Nikki Short)
While Reidy views the incident as “purely a terrible accident“, a jury convicted him in June of dangerous driving causing death.

Judge Sarah Harris said Reidy’s inattention was not fleeting or entirely limited to the 0.88 seconds Gordon was visible on the truck’s dash camera.

“It also wasn’t much more than a simple inattention,” she said Monday.

While a prison sentence was needed, Judge Harris said it could be served by an intensive corrective order in light of the circumstances of the case.

Reidy had a long history of good behavior, very good prospects for rehabilitation and low moral culpability, she said.

She ordered that he serve two years in the community through an intensive correctional order which began on Monday.

A woman has died in western Sydney after being hit by a garbage truck.
Reidy will be required to complete 480 hours of community service. (9News)

He will be expected to maintain good behaviour, follow reasonable instructions from NSW Remedial Services, consult with his GP about a plan for mental health care and be treated by a psychologist as needed.

He will also have to complete 480 hours of community service.

Any violation could result in new terms or Reidy being forced to serve part or all of his sentence in jail.

His license will also remain suspended until March 31, 2023.

At the time of the crash, Reidy had been driving garbage trucks for 20 years and had spent 25 years on Blacktown City Council.

The woman was beaten on Power Street in Doonside.
Gordon was hit on Power Street in Doonside. (9News)

He knew the route.

When hit, Gordon was near the center of the road.

She hit the truck’s windshield, causing it to crack, then fell forward and hit her head on the road.

Her widower, Graham Wilson, told the court he was in shock at the scene and “felt my heart was ripped out of my body”.

Now, struggling to get out of bed each day, he talks to a photo of her in the house they had shared and tries to reminisce about their good times together.

Judge Harris said the family’s statements of grief were “a powerful and moving account of their loss that will go on forever”.