Truck driver

RAB arrests truck driver who hit and killed three family members in Mymensingh

The truck’s documents were also invalid, RAB spokesman Major Khandaker Al Moin told a press conference in Dhaka on Tuesday.

The RAB official also revealed how Shipon managed to flee the scene by boarding a bus and truck after the incident. He was finally arrested in Savar on Monday.

Shipon secretly boarded a bus after angry protesters cordoned off the truck following the incident. After reaching a bypass at Mymensingh, he traveled to Muktagachha by autorickshaw. He took another bus and hid with the help of other drivers in the Elenga of Tangail. Then he used a truck to get to Savar.

The driver said he has been transporting mangoes and potatoes almost continuously from Rajshahi’s Bagha Upazila since the second day of Eid celebrations.

“He took a short break and drove the vehicle relentlessly until the crash,” Moin said.

The RAB also found that the tax document and the certificate of fitness for the truck were invalid.

“Shipon claimed the assistant was asleep when the accident happened. He was exhausted from driving the truck without sleep for a long time.”

Shipon first had an accident in Jashore while working as a truck helper in 2002. He got a license to drive a smaller vehicle but started driving a truck with it after a six-year hiatus .

The killer truck he was driving was in service without legal documents for 12 years, according to Moin. This vehicle overturned and killed Jahangir Alam, 40, his pregnant wife Ratna Begum, 30, and their daughter Sanjida Khatun, 6.

Jahangir arrived in Trishal on Saturday with Ratna for her ultrasound and Sanjida. As they attempted to cross the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway near the Khan diagnostic center, the truck ran over them. An injured Ratna gave birth to a child on the side of the road before dying.

Jahangir’s father, Mostafizur Rahman Bablu, then filed a complaint with the Trishal police station on Sunday.

The newborn’s grandparents have taken over guardianship of the child. They asked for help from the government in this regard.

Mostafizur and his wife Sufia Akter both suffer from physical disabilities. Their other son died in a car accident in 2004.