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QCD, Scale Microgrid Solutions and Incharge Energy Collaborate on Fleet Electrification Project

Quality Custom Distribution (QCD), a division of Golden State Foods, has partnered with Scale Microgrid Solutions and InCharge Energy to electrify its La Puente-based Southern California fleet. This $20 million electrification project, which includes the purchase of 30 zero-emission Volvo VNR electric trucks, 16 chargers and a renewable energy microgrid to power the chargers, is funded in part by grants and incentives from HVIP, MSRC and Last Mile Freight. Program (LMFP). This specific QCD fleet serves thousands of iconic restaurant chains in the region, including a global coffeehouse brand.

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QCD demonstrated its commitment to electrification with its total order of 45 Volvo VNR electric trucks.

For the La Puente site’s transition to an electric fleet, a one-of-a-kind clean energy microgrid will be designed and installed to power the site’s new electric vehicle charging infrastructure as well as its normal business operations. Developed by Scale Microgrid Solutions, the microgrid for QCD’s charging infrastructure will include features such as:

• 1,200 kW of combined rooftop solar, 250 kW of carport solar, 3 megawatt-hours (MWh) of battery storage and 1,500 kilowatts (kW) of backup generation.

• A modular design approach using pre-engineered components, which speeds up the project construction and installation process, minimizes disruption to QCD fleet operations, and makes upgrading easy and affordable as new electric vehicles are introduced. added to the QCD fleet.

A microgrid allows QCD to electrify its fleet faster and more cost-effectively than a utility upgrade, which can take up to two years to roll out in Southern California, noted the businesses. In addition, this system allows QCD to reduce its energy costs, guarantees the availability of electricity for recharging the fleet and minimizes site downtime and the environmental footprint in the event of a power outage.

InCharge Energy will design, commission and install the charging infrastructure to power the electric fleet. Current plans include the installation of 16 ICE-180 chargers – 180 kW DC fast chargers capable of charging two Volvo VNR electric trucks simultaneously in around two hours. These chargers also feature an efficient scalable architecture, allowing for 60, 120 or 180 kW of power as site needs change.

QCD, Scale Microgrid Solutions and InCharge Energy have begun development of the project, with the microgrid being installed in parallel with the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The entire project will be completed in 2023.