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Port issues forcing local store to truck supplies, adding costs – Good Day Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Shipping across the country to meet customer deadlines. This is what is happening with some small businesses trying to meet customer demand.

“It has seriously affected my business,” said Dee Neath.

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For the archival gallery and frame shop owner Dee Neath, you have to hurry and wait.

“All of a sudden I can’t get anything,” she said.

So she orders supplies from her wholesaler’s warehouses in Houston and Chicago and has them shipped by truck.

“I will buy things 500 feet at a time, whereas other frame stores only buy one frame. We manufacture here, ”she said.

This is what Neath is doing due to delays in delivery to southern California ports.

“Whether it’s UPS or California overnight, we ship big 12 foot long molding sticks. It takes longer and it is much more expensive, ”she said.

She offered this big 1,400-room job for a hotel eight months ago at these prices.

“All the prices – the shipping costs and all that – add 20%. So now I’m making minimal profit and struggling to get the job done on time, ”she said.

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The delays push back all his projects.

“Maybe I had a back order and now I’ve had all of this since last week. I must have a whole array of back orders, ”she said.

Doug Elmets was hoping to have a mirror in place by Thanksgiving.

“We ordered it a few weeks ago,” he said.

He has been a customer for years and would pay extra to cover the extra costs.

“Small retailers like Dee and his executive store, they really survive on their loyal customers and I think those loyal customers want to be able to help him through a tough time,” he said,

So far, Neath hasn’t passed on the cost, but she’s starting to wonder how much her business will cost, given her biggest order this year.

“It was top notch work that was going to make our year and now it has become a lot of work and we will be lucky if we break even,” she said.

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Neath says it needs to stay open longer as customers are now choosing multiple choices when it comes to frames given the shortage.

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