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Police investigate stone throwing after truck driver crashed into house

Residents of the northern suburbs of Hobart say they are amazed no one was killed after a truck crashed into the bedroom of a house in Claremont.

Police are investigating whether a stone was thrown into the cab of the 16-ton truck, causing the driver to lose control on the Brooker Freeway shortly before 10 p.m. Sunday.

“Initial investigations suggest that the driver was struck by a stone potentially thrown from the nearby overpass before losing control of the vehicle,” said Master Sgt. Karl Krelle.

Neighbors said they heard a huge bang and ran outside.(Provided: Shaun Sinkovich)

The truck was heading north and crossing the southbound lanes of the motorway before passing through guardrails and down an embankment to the back bedroom of a house on Bristol Road where a man in his sixties years slept.

Neighbors rushed to the man’s aid and police said he was extremely lucky he escaped unscathed.

“This is an extremely significant incident – the risk to motorists and to people in the house is significant,” said Sgt. Krelle.

Neighbors feared the truck would “explode”

Neighbors called the event surreal.

“We were just sitting on the sofa and heard this terrible metal-on-metal sound which lasted for a few seconds and just a little bang, then a huge bang and we ran outside,” Ms. Mangili said.

The truck smashed through Ms. Mangili’s fence and hangar before landing in the house next door.

A man and a woman stand in a messy backyard near a fence.
Neighbors Jasmin Mangili and Shaun Sinkovich examine the damage.(ABC News: Sarah Jane Bell)

She called emergency services while her partner Shaun Sinkovich checked the driver.

“We thought it might explode,” she said.

“There was smoke and dust everywhere… and that’s right [felt] really hot, ”she said.

Police said damage to the cab of the truck, which was pierced through the roof of the house, hampered efforts to save the driver.

The 34-year-old was trapped for almost an hour before being taken to Royal Hobart Hospital where he remained in stable condition on Monday.

Today, Ms. Mangili started cleaning the contents of her shed, which was destroyed.

She said she was grateful no one was killed.

“It was pretty awful to watch… and that was me and I wasn’t 100% affected,” she said.

“I can only imagine how everyone feels that changed their life last night.”

Police ask for information

Police are investigating whether a stone was thrown at the truck.

“[The driver] thinks the stone entered his windshield and hit him in the chest, causing him to lose control. ”

Damage to the exterior of a house with a fence bearing a "to stay outside" sign.
The scene after a dump truck crashed into a Claremont home(ABC News: Sarah Jane Bell)

The police are calling on anyone with information to come forward.

“The police present spoke to some young people who were suggested to be in the area at the time and these will continue to be part of our investigations,” he said.

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