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Ongoing shortages in U.S. industries impacting shipping times for products like furniture

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC) – Product and worker shortages are something we continue to see in most industries. That’s skyrocketing delivery times, and now if you’re looking for a new sofa, especially as the holidays approach, deliveries can take up to seven months.

A Rochester furniture store that has struggled with manufacturing and shipping issues for over a year has decided to play it safe and order trucks of furniture and mattresses.

Furniture Superstore co-owner Jim Sather says many players in the furniture industry don’t expect this problem to be resolved for a few years.

This means that there is a lot of choice on the floor. The downside is that the prices in the industry are high.

“They are more expensive, noticeably more expensive, in fact, in my 40 years in the business, I have never seen a price increase like we have seen in the last 10 months”, Sather said.

Consumers can’t be too picky unless they’re prepared to wait.

In the meantime, one purchasing route that is gaining in popularity is consignment.

“It doesn’t cost as much to your bank account when you buy a used vehicle, it’s usually not as expensive as a new vehicle, just like buying a used car,” Alisha said. Arguello, owner of Refashion.

Furniture on consignment costs at least half the retail price, according to Arguello.

“The options we’ve had lately with so many people moving into this market have been exceptional, high quality furniture,” said Arguello.

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