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New curbside recycling truck will lead to changes in yard waste services – Terrace Standard

The City of Terrace is investing nearly half a million dollars in a new curbside recycling truck that will lead to changes to yard waste collection services in the future.

Currently, the city’s collection fleet consists of two old manual collection trucks and two LaBrie Expert T trucks with automated collection arms purchased in 2016.

The older trucks are 18 and 21 years old, used only for manual collection of garden waste on Mondays and as backup units for further collections as needed.

To avoid the ongoing and excessive maintenance costs of old trucks, the city will purchase a third LaBrie truck with an automatic arm, using $ 460,000 of its Northern Capital and Planning Grant funds and auction the manual trucks.

The purchase will reduce the fleet from four trucks to three, but will result in savings through increased vehicle life, fewer service interruptions and increased flexibility as all trucks will be the same.

But with fewer trucks at work, the weekly yard waste collection could come to an end.

“We have to move to automate it, I think that’s just the right way to go, I’m a little concerned about the downsides of the pickup volume but I think we’ll be able to find a way to mitigate it this one way or another … with a reasonable solution, “Council said Sean Bujtas at a council meeting on November 23.

Delivery of the new truck could take up to a year. In the meantime, the city will launch a public consultation in the form of a survey to find out what residents want and need when it comes to yard waste collection.

Ben Reinbolt, director of public works, suggested a few ideas at the council meeting that could emerge in the investigation.

“Some options already considered are increasing the size of green organic waste bins to accommodate garden waste, an additional fourth box for garden waste at the choice of each resident, a free drop-off location for garden waste in the city limits, and the re-running of the spring and fall cleanings, ”he said.

Terrace currently offers separate collection of garbage, recycling, organics and yard waste, but yard waste is the only stream still collected manually.

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