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Mondo Reveals 1/6 Scale He-Man Battle Cat Furai Megazord Model

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Welcome to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular roundup of the coolest products on the internet lately. This week, Worldit is masters of the universe toys get a major upgrade, Transformers arrives at the station, and it’s already time for festive nightmares. Check it out!

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World masters of the universe 1/6 Scale Battle Cat Figure

Did you know that one of the most memorable sidekicks of the 80s was a last minute addition to the masters of the universe toy line? Mattel designers just reoffered He-Man a toy tiger and gave it a green and orange paint job to make it look quite different. The character is now as important to He-Man fans as Prince Adam or Skeletor, and Mondo acknowledges him with a Truly spectacular 1/6 scale Battle Cat figure measuring 18 inches long and featuring over 60 points of articulation, four interchangeable heads including a less fierce Cringer, fully removable armor, bendable tail and a mini baby Cringer figure. It will only be available for sale for one week from 1 pm EST on October 25, but with a price tag of $500, we can’t imagine it selling out too quickly.

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Flame Toys Furai Model Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord

After teasing his over-the-top action figure, take the classic Mighty Morphin’ Megazord, Flame Toys has now unveiled its kit model on the classic mech. Combined from the four Dino Zords, the kit amounts to over eight inches tall when in his combined Megazord mode, and comes with a sword and poseable fingers on each hand. It’s expected to be around $110 when released. in ssummer 2023. [TNI]

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Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece MPG-04 Trainbot Suiken

We’re not afraid to admit that we’re mildly obsessed with Takara Tomy’s trainbots from the Transformers: Directors anime, and won’t claim that their vehicle modes aren’t as exciting as fighter jets or sports maps. But we’re still here for those impeccably detailed trains, and wish Hasbro would hurry and release the six that combine to form Raiden. Suiken is the fourth trainbot to hit Hasbro Pulse, and includes a blaster and three modes: robot, train and Raiden’s left arm, plus a bazooka weapon for the combiner. Suiken’s available for pre-order now for $150but unfortunately will not ship until September 2023.

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Jazwares Micro Machines Optimus Prime Hauler Transforming Playset

After a Bumblebee Yellow Camaro Mode themed transforming playset from the various Transformers movies, Jazwares is back with a new version of Optimus Prime based on the appearance of the iconic Autobot leader from the G1 toy line. Prime never leaves his Freightliner semi-truck mode, but his trailer opens to reveal an expansive Micro Machine scale playset that doubles as an Autobots base –aAlthough we would have liked to see the layout and color scheme reflect the Ark, the crashed ship that first brought the Autobots to Earth. The $20 playset includes an exclusive Micro Machines version of Tracks, but definitely stuck in his Corvette vehicle mode.

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Super7 Beastie Boys Intergalactic Reaction Figures

There is not much information to dig here yet, just a teaser image, but Super7 apparently isn’t done with its line of Beastie Boys ReAction figures. Despite retro styling and limited articulation, the “Sabotage” The figurines were must-haves for fans of the band, and they’ll soon be joined by a few Beastie Boys co-stars from their music video for “Intergalactic”: a towering alien and an equally large robot, but both scaled to fit on a shelf.

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Edible Elf on the Gummy Shelf

The Elf 0n a Shelf is another attempt to keep children on their best behavior as the holidays approach, the premise being that each night the elf returns to the North Pole to report any misbehavior to Santa and returns the next day. morning to a new vantage point in the house from where he watches over the children who live there. A spooky concept made even scarier by Vat19 with this gummy $7 version of the Shelf Elf which, instead of returning to the North Pole for good on December 24th, can be consumed by children as a kind of cannibalistic act of revenge to be a stool. Would that put you on Santa’s naughty list?

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