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Iplex manages large-scale projects from start to finish

Iplex demonstrates end-to-end capabilities on large-scale pipeline infrastructure projects from design to delivery. The 83-year-old company uses proven strategies and tailored client solutions to safely deliver projects with the best results.

Since its founding in 1938, the Iplex modus operandi has solved the challenges of the pipeline industry in Australia, delivering forward-looking products and solutions with demonstrated long-term customer value. Today, the company is a one-stop-shop for large-scale pipeline projects and has a department specializing in project delivery on large pipeline infrastructure projects.

The team can offer end-to-end service from design to manufacturing, quality certifications, logistics and delivery management as well as provide expert installation advice.

Expertise in project delivery

The Ibex project delivery team manages high volumes with complex delivery requirements under tight deadlines. Mark Brunning is the Director of Project Delivery and regularly coordinates large daily volumes on projects backed by expert project knowledge.

“The team individually works out a solution for each project. Each project has a specially selected team with high skills and diversity – each brings a different set of skills ranging from technical product knowledge, engineering, manufacturing to expert knowledge in supply management ”, Mr Brunning said.

Bringing all the pieces together for a project requires strong internal and customer relationships, and communication is key. The Iplex project delivery team has experience in many large scale water and sewer projects, one example being the delivery of the Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project to Townsville City Council.

Funded by the Queensland government, the $ 215 million project involved the duplication of an existing pipeline to provide the city with a relief supply from Burdekin’s water supply program. Iplex won the tender for the supply of 36 km of DN1800 FLOWTITE® Glass Reinforced Hose (GRP), designed to deliver up to 234 ml of water per day to the Ross River Dam.

FLOWTITE GRP was the preferred carrier for its superior properties and the strength of its material. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is resistant to chemical attack and can be installed in soil conditions such as acid sulphate soils or saline soils that are detrimental to metal and concrete. You do not need to use special coatings or wrap the pipe in a plastic sleeve; GRP products have a tough resin barrier through all layers of glass and sand, so the entire wall is protected.

To meet the project’s significant delivery needs, Iplex chartered six transport vessels from Adelaide to Townsville. Each vessel carried 500 lengths of 13 GRP with a diameter of 1,800 mm, or more than 6 km of pipes on each vessel. Upon arrival in Townsville, the team were able to unload each vessel within 72 hours, safely transferring each pipe to a single B-Double for transport to a specially secured depot facility.

The end-to-end capabilities of Ibex ensured that the project was delivered successfully, on time and on budget. One of the key ingredients for the success of the project was communication.

“There is always a single point of contact for the customer,” explains Brunning.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s an engineering question, a procurement request, a warranty question, a paperwork question for Manufacturer Data Reports (MDR) – the customer only needs to know one person in the company, and they will get all of their answers. This is what sets Iplex apart from the rest.

From the outset, the Iplex project delivery team will engage with the client to ensure a clear understanding of their requirements, goals and timelines they want to achieve. The team is also committed to ensuring on-site security and working collaboratively with the customer on all product and security requirements.

Director of Product Marketing and Training Nathan Swaffer says onsite support is one of Ibex’s main offerings for large-scale projects.

“An important element that we offer is the presentation of the site to facilitate the installation process. It’s not formal training, but it’s our on-site technical staff who help entrepreneurs get it right the first time.

Depending on the product to be installed, Iplex provides an installer overview to guide contractors on the unique features of the product and how to install it correctly, whether it’s cutting, assembling, laying or to handle correctly. A certificate of attendance is issued to ensure that contractors know the best installation methods.

On larger scale projects where staff rotations are common, Iplex continually offers refresher training to support customer safety and bottom line – it’s all part of the service. Iplex offers a wide range of products suitable for large-scale pipeline projects, as well as design advice and support via the commercial engineering team.

Iplex FLOWTITE GRP strung along pipeline trench.

The best possible product solutions for your project

Iplex offers a wide range of products suitable for large-scale pipeline projects. Shaun O’Brien, Head of Sales of Iplex, says the company is working with its customers to provide them with the best possible solutions for their project, whether it is polyethylene, PVC, GRP or ductile iron. .

Iplex offers a range of polyethylene systems marketed under the Poliplex® brand, manufactured and tested in Ibplex facilities and up to 2 m in diameter. Poliplex pipes are used to transport all types of liquids and gases for overhead and underground applications.

For PCV, Iplex has a wide range of technologies suitable for main feed and crosslinking pipelines, industrial process pipelines and irrigation systems. Implex’s Rhino® PVC-M for pressure pipes incorporates advances in modified PVC technology, while Apollo® PVC-O, a dual patent technology, offers an exceptionally strong and high performance thermoplastic. This dramatically improved the physical characteristics, including increased hydraulic performance capability due to its exceptionally smooth and enlarged bore.

Iplex has always been an innovator in terms of introducing new materials to the Australian market. In fact, it was the first company to introduce large diameter GRP pipes for water and sewer.

Michael Lancuba is the Director of Engineering Products at Iplex.

“Iplex was the pioneer in offering a competitive alternative to conventional clay, concrete and steel pipes. In 2006, we partnered with RPC Pipe Systems and introduced FLOWTITE GRP pipe systems in Australia: advanced GRP technology that gives our customers more options for large projects, ”says Lancuba.

100 km of FLOWTITE GRP DN1000 and 1200 on the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project in South East Queensland.

“The FLOWTITE range offers flexibility in design and installation, from standard to non-standard pipe and fittings, and we can also custom design and manufacture to required specifications.

FLOWTITE GRP pipes can be manufactured in a range of pressure classes, stiffness classes and standard lengths. As such, the product can be designed to meet customer requirements.

FLOWTITE GRP is a composite pipe using continuously wound glass fibers, sand as a filler and thermosetting resins as an anti-corrosion barrier. The Australian-made FLOWTITE has been used in a number of large and scale projects, including the Haughton Project, the Burgowan to Takura Main Water Line upgrade for the Fraser Coast, and the Project D Belconnen Truck Sewer in Canberra.

“We have supplied many projects with GRP pipes up to 2m in diameter, but the product can actually be supplied up to 3m. It’s not a basic product, it’s a fully designed, specialized product that we can manufacture to specifications, ”says Lancuba.

Iplex offers GRP pipes with superior strength and hydraulic properties, as well as the specialized personnel to carry out the project until delivery. The company provides project-driven solutions through proven methods with the best end-to-end results.

For more information visit the Iplex website.