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Imphal police arrest truck driver carrying opium worth Rs 10 crore and seize stash

A lorry driver in Minuthong area was arrested by Imphal West district police for transporting opium worth Rs 10 crore in his lorry. After receiving information about the transport of narcotics, a commando team rushed to the Minuthong area and intercepted the vehicle in an operation by Imphal West District Police called War on Drugs 2.0 .

“As part of the War on Drugs 2.0, Imphal West District Police conducted an operation based on specific information about the transportation of narcotics. from the north side of AOC towards Mithuthong near the MMTA area around 6:30 p.m.,” said Imphal West Police Superintendent and IPS officer Ksh Shivakanta Singh. opium weighing about 136.03 kg were confiscated.The opium, according to Singh, is worth Rs 10 crore in the international market.

The arrested driver, namely Saddhik Mohammad (44), disclosed that the allegedly recovered packets of opium were given to him by an unknown person, who was sent by his partner, namely Om Prakash from Jodhpur, to be transported to the Rajasthan. The vehicle, ostensibly carrying plywood, was searched, from which a modified box concealing 131 packets of suspect opium wrapped in brown duct tape was found. Upon further checking of the vehicle, seven other packets of suspect opium were also found.

“In the presence of an Executive Magistrate and Gazetted Officers, we carried out a search observing all formalities, during which we found a modified box type compartment on the underbody of the vehicle which was suspected of concealing certain objects. On opening the iron lid of the box, 131 packets of suspect opium were found wrapped in brown tape. We again searched the vehicle and found seven other packets of suspect opium concealed inside inside the front dashboard of the vehicle. The driver was arrested at approximately 9:10 p.m., and we seized the recovered items at 10:00 p.m. observing all necessary formalities,” Singh added. The team of commanders was led by Inspector P. Achouba Meetei, Officer in Charge of Commando – Imphal West and Inspector Gunachandra Chanam assisted by Sub-Inspector S Barun Singh under the command of M Amit Singh, an officer in the service of Manipur Police (MPS). and Additional Superintendent of Police (Operation).

Overall supervision of the case was handled by Superintendent of Police and IPS officer, Ksh Shivakanta Singh. (ANI)

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