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Food & Water Watch urges Broward County Commission to halt LNG transportation to FL Port Everglades — Food & Water Watch

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National environmental organization Food & Water Watch sent a letter to the Broward County Commission yesterday, urging the Commission to act within its legal authority to order Port Everglades to halt all shipments of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Citing documents disclosed in a Food & Water Watch public records request that demonstrate imminent plans to quadruple the amount of LNG transported through Broward County for export to the port, the letter requests that the Broward County Commission exercises its “right to restrict or prohibit the entry or handling of any cargo or other property into the core area [at Port Everglades] due to its… dangerous nature.

As of last week, the United States has been the world’s largest exporter of LNG, threatening global climate chaos and local public safety. Beyond the vagaries of the weather linked to the continued promotion of the extraction, transport and combustion of fossil fuels, LNG is also a very dangerous material and its transport is a major public safety issue. Hazards include explosive vapor clouds from LNG container punctures, expanding vapor explosions of boiling liquid, deadly fireballs and wildfires uncontrollable by conventional firefighting and response measures dangerous.

Florida’s east coast is currently embroiled in a dangerous “train bomb” experiment, putting residents at risk as LNG is transported by truck and rail across the county to Port Everglades. The Florida East Coast Railway received a special permit from the Trump administration, which exempted it from the recent federal order to stop the transit of LNG by rail, citing safety concerns.

With the letter, Food & Water Watch Southern Region Deputy Director Michelle Allen released the following statement:

“The Broward County Commission has a duty to keep county residents safe. Yet for years, residents have faced the threat of a silent transport of deadly liquefied natural gas (LNG) across the region, without a comprehensive state or federal review. It’s time to put an end to this senseless threat.

“The evidence is clear: LNG is a danger to communities and our climate. To have any real hope of keeping climate change below a tipping point, we must immediately stop the transportation and use of LNG. And to fulfill its responsibility to keep voters safe, the Broward County Commission simply needs to stop transporting LNG to Port Everglades now.

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