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Edwardsville truck driver honored at NASCAR Cup Series

Edwardsville resident Donald Hill couldn’t stop his tears while at the World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison on June 5.

During the inaugural Enjoy Illinois 300 NASCAR Cup series, Hill, along with 17 other CPC Logistics Hall of Fame and All-Star Drivers Program truck drivers, were recognized before the race in front of a sold-out crowd of approximately 100 000 people. .

“It was the best time of my life,” Hill said. “I was speechless.”

This was all part of a Driver’s Salute event hosted by CPC Logistics to honor drivers who have worked during COVID.

CPC is a leading provider of permanent and temporary Class A CDL truck driver and warehouse logistics solutions and services.

The event began with a stay at the St. Louis Union Station hotel the day before the race, where an awards ceremony was held at the PBR in Ballpark Village.

The following day at the race, Hill drove two laps around the circuit in his tractor-trailer while an announcer read his accomplishments. His photo was presented on the jumbotron.

Hill said the American flags on the trucks at the racetrack were “the most beautiful thing.”

For 22 years, Hill was a professional truck driver with CPC Logistics and logged more than three million miles for the company.

Hill was introduced to NASCAR at an early age in the 1970s by his father. They regularly watched NASCAR races together.

In high school, Hill was part of a youth racing team as a pit crew member, where he changed tires and brakes.

Growing up on a farm, Hill said he learned to drive big trucks and tractors backwards before learning to drive them forward, and was self-taught at a young age.

He’s been a trucker since he was 18, because he’s always had a love for the mechanics of trucks and tractors and how everything works.

“Hard workers are the backbone of America,” Hill said. “If it weren’t for the old working American, this country wouldn’t survive.”

After doing her laps on the race track, Hill enjoyed the rest of the race from the CPC VIP tent which featured performances by entertainers Jimmie Allen and Cole Swindell.