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Central York Fire Services puts its safety message on ice

Watch for the Zamboni fire truck on the Riverwalk Commons ice rink in downtown Newmarket this winter

The Central York Fire Department has found a new way to deliver fire safety messages with a Zamboni fire truck unveiled on November 17.

Newmarket and the fire department unveiled the Zamboni adorned with fire safety messages, which will be used at the RIverwalk Commons this winter to clear the ice. The initiative aims to raise awareness of fire safety in the community.

Deputy Fire Chief Jeremy Inglis said the idea came from social media; similar Zambonis have appeared in other communities. Firefighters saw it as a great way to spread messages with open houses shelved due to the pandemic.

“What better way to spread fire safety messages than to pack up a Zamboni and enter the arenas, where so many Canadians spend their winters? Said Inglis.

Knightworks Design of Newmarket wrapped the Zamboni based on an existing device from the Central York Fire Department, Inglis said. He said the cost was less than $ 2,000, deducted from the budget that could have been spent on open houses.

Fire Chief Ian Laing said public education is a top priority for the department, and the Zamboni will help.

“The restrictions related to the pandemic have made it difficult for our community to truly engage and prioritize fire safety as everyone grapples with message overload,” Laing said in a press release. “Adding the Z429 to the fleet gives us the opportunity to meet people of all ages, wherever they are, in a safe and fun way. “

The Zamboni has drawn attention, with firefighters in other departments also keen to get one. Inglis said the department plans to add one to Aurora next year.

“We had different fire departments, they are very envious and they turn green when they see this,” he said. “It’s a pretty popular topic.”

But the heart of the project is the promotion of fire safety, with a reminder to everyone to prepare an evacuation plan in the event of a fire engraved on the vehicle. Inglis said it’s also important to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, by testing them regularly.

“We can get all different types of different security messages with it,” he said. “It was a very cost effective way to get a message out to a large population. “

The Zamboni will be seen all winter long, but will also debut at the city’s Santa Claus Candy Cane Lane on November 20 at 6 p.m. ET.

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