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CAT Scale Rig of the Week | Shelle Lichti

This week’s CAT Scale Rig of the Week delivers a message of love and understanding wherever it goes.

Nicknamed the “Rainbow Rider”, this Freightliner is driven by Shelle Lichti. She’s been trucking since the early 1990s and said the freedom she found on the road saved her from a turbulent past and the stigma of hiding her own sexuality.

She has used her experience on the road to become a mentor to others by advocating for their rights through her non-profit organization called LGBT Truckers. The group started in 2008 as a conference line that anyone could call and talk to anyone. The positive response inspired Lichti to give the truck his Pride-themed wrap, which features a “Love Is Love” design.

Currently, she travels with two cats and a chihuahua, and she even created a Facebook group for truckers to share photos of their pets, called Trucking Furbabies.

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