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CAT Scale Rig of the Week | 1949 Kenworth CD-524

Featuring some features not found on modern platforms, this classic truck offers a look back in time.

This 1949 Kenworth CD-524 was originally used by General Petroleum to transport fuel for the Mobil Oil Co.

The Iowa 80 Museum purchased this truck in 1994 from the Motor Transport Museum in Campo, California. When it arrived, the truck had straight pipes, and with a mechanical supercharger, there was nothing in the exhaust to quiet it down. When the driver’s foot is on the pedal, the sound almost sounds like a machine gun, as each cylinder can be heard firing.

This Kenworth has a butterfly hood, but other than that it doesn’t look much different from modern Kenworths. Buyers could still get a butterfly hood until 1979.

Another interesting feature is that the truck has no front brakes. Indeed, at the time, many drivers believed that the front wheels could lock up in slippery conditions.

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