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Cardinal expands its weighbridge factory

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co.’s plant expansion is proceeding as planned, a company official said.

Jonathan Sabo, vice president of marketing, said the 60,000 square foot addition is expected to be completed on June 1. The expansion is primarily focused on the production of the company’s weighbridges, Sabo said.

The company mainly makes weighbridges for US industries, but owns 50 each in Iraq and Iceland, Sabo said.

“They are typically used to weigh full semi-trailers and dump trucks,” he said. “And they’re typically used in agriculture, solid waste, metal recycling, and aggregates.”

Sabo said establishing an expanded space for the weighbridge will allow the company to reduce overhead costs and give more space to other departments by consolidating their locations.

“When we were founded in 1950, like many companies, our company grew and developed over time, and our production facilities kind of sprouted and developed in different directions,” said Sabo. “So our workflow was not as streamlined as we would like.

“Construction expansion is necessary for us to grow as a business and become more efficient in our production workflows. We also need additional space for additional storage, manufacturing and warehousing and c ‘is to help with the record number of product launches’ I’ve lived. “

The expansion will bring the Cardinal Scale manufacturing plant to approximately 350,000 square feet, Sabo said.

Cardinal Scale was founded in Webb City, Missouri, in 1950 by William Perry. The company was formed under an agreement with Webb Co., which manufactured and sold industrial scales and heavy-duty mining equipment. The plan called for Webb Co., where Perry worked at the time, to market the new, lighter scales that would be built at Cardinal Scale.

The need for newer, more efficient weight systems arose out of the country’s post-WWII building boom, and soon the new Cardinal scale was so successful that in 1956 Perry resigned from the Webb Co. in order to devote his full attention to Cardinal. Ladder.

Over the years, the company has acquired companies such as Detecto Scale Co., which has allowed Cardinal Scale to expand its reach. Today, Cardinal Scale primarily manufactures large capacity scales and systems, while Detecto Scale focuses on smaller scales used in the medical, food and postal industries.

The Cardinal Scale manufacturing plant expansion will add approximately 60,000 square feet, bringing the total to 350,000. Company officials were not disclosing the cost of the project.

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