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Cahokia truck driver sentenced after getting teen pregnant


A truck driver from Cahokia was convicted in the United States District Court for West Virginia Friday for transporting minors across state lines and pregnant with a 13-year-old girl.

David Skaggs, 33, was sentenced to serve 180 months in federal prison for taking the girl from Virginia to South Dakota, along with her 15-year-old brother, with the itrying to have sex with her.

According to court records, Skaggs befriended the 15-year-old boy on Facebook and got to know his family, including his younger sister. He visited the family regularly and slept in the motorhome part of his semi-truck, which he parked in the family house.

Skaggs had told the girl that she was pretty and that they should be more than just friends. With the permission of the mother of the children, the three men embarked on a trip across the country in her truck in August 2015, according to court records.

After a layover in South Dakota, Skaggs supplied alcohol to the two teenagers, court documents show.

In an interview with Child Protective Services in Lee County, Va., The girl said Skaggs asked her if she wanted to have sex while her brother was asleep. When she told him no, Skaggs took off both of their clothes and held her in the sleeper section of the truck. He covered her mouth so she couldn’t call her brother, according to the report.

A medical examination concluded that the girl was pregnant and gave birth to a child in the spring of 2016. The FBI concluded from a DNA sample that the child is likely Skaggs’.

Skaggs, who also provided an address in Bonne Terre, Missouri, was charged in November 2020 and arrested in Illinois. In a plea bargain concluded on July 7, Skaggs pleaded guilty in federal court.

“David Skaggs befriended the victim’s family to gain their trust, and then identify and mistreat the young victim after driving her across the country,” said Acting US Prosecutor Daniel P. Bubar. “Today’s sentence reflects the seriousness of his offense and how this Department of Justice is approaching child abuse cases.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, and the Virginia Department of Social Services investigated the case.

This story was originally published October 1, 2021 6:33 p.m.

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