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Businesses Worried Delays Affect Holiday Shipping

CANTON DES PLAINES, COUNTY OF LUZERNE (WBRE / WYOU) – The supply chain crisis is having a huge impact, including on local NEPA businesses.

A business owner in Luzerne County is already worried about the impact of the issue on her store this holiday season.

It’s only October, so it’s kinda weird thinking about holiday shopping, isn’t it? One business owner said that with the shipping delays she experienced last holiday season, she is really nervous for this year.

Hannah Burgess, owner of Beekeeper’s Daughter in Plains Township, spends her days labeling boxing and shipping orders for honey.

“We recently had to mark our soda as out of stock. It’s coming back in stock now because we couldn’t get the jars and we ended up buying them from another company that we don’t normally use and they were almost double the price, ”Burgess explained.

She says her store is already buzzing with orders before the holiday season.

“We are already seeing a lot of our retail customers and things like that already contacting us wholesale to order gift baskets and things like that because they’re nervous not to get them on time or they’ll see delays for. the holidays, ”said Burgess.

The majority of Beekeeper’s Daughter sales are made online. With the supply shortages worsening, Burgess is uncomfortable for the holiday season.

“We lost packages last year. It was really stressful because sometimes clients don’t understand. They call you and they want refunds. Your order is still on the way, ”said Burgess.

Trucking companies are also feeling the effects. Eyewitness News stopped by ABF Frieght in Wilkes-Barre which is owned by ARC Best.

The trucking industry has experienced a shortage of truck drivers over the past four years, but the pandemic has made matters worse.

A spokesperson for ARC Best told Eyewitness News in a statement;

“At the same time, consumer spending is growing rapidly as we enter the holiday season despite retail inventories which have been significantly affected. Right now, we are focusing on proactive conversations with customers to plan enough time for peak season to minimize supply chain issues.

ARC Best Representative

Unfortunately, there are so many moving parts at this point that it seems like there is no end to the delays in sight. Best tip for shoppers holidaying early, better now.