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Bipartisan group of lawmakers oppose Pritzker’s endless COVID rules

Members of the bipartisan Joint Administrative Rules Committee of the Illinois General Assembly question the extended state of emergency over COVID-19. Governor JB Pritzker has declared a state of emergency 35 times.

Illinois lawmakers on both sides of the aisle oppose making emergency rules after Governor JB by Pritzker 35th Disaster Proclamation for COVID-19.

The Joint Administrative Rules Committee has issued a official objection to ongoing emergency regulations from the Illinois Department of Public Health. The committee oversees regulatory procedures for all public bodies, including IDPH.

One of the committee’s 11 members, State Rep. Steven Reick, R-Woodstock, said IDPH cannot continue emergency rulemaking based on COVID-19.

“The pandemic is over. It’s time for us to get back to the normal way of doing business,” Reick told a hearing. “And the normal rule-making process should be the one used in place of emergency rule-making when time is available to do so.”

Reick and President Biden declared the pandemic over, but that didn’t stop Pritzker from expanding his emergency executive powers to nearly 70% of his mandate.

Pritzker latest COVID-19 Executive Decree lifting of testing requirements for unvaccinated employees working in health care facilities and long-term care facilities. Reick is not challenging the rules, but rather leaving JCAR out of the decision-making.

“The issue was not the legitimacy of the rule,” Reick told The Center Square. “The problem was that the IDPH had very broad emergency regulatory power.”

In the spring, Pritzker discussed lifting his executive orders and ending disaster proclamation.

“Hopefully we can remove all of them eventually, along with the disaster declaration,” Pritzker said April 27.

This does not happen.

JCAR’s objection does not block any emergency rules, but IDPH must respond within 90 days. Unless Pritzker issues a 36th proclamation, Illinois’ current COVID-19 disaster declaration ends November 17.