Truck driver

Another accident at Duarsuni Ghat; Truck driver seriously injured, one missing

Bangiriposi: The driver of a trailer truck was seriously injured after the heavy vehicle rolled over 100 feet at Duarsuni Ghat in Bangriposi of Mayurbhanj district on Saturday night.

According to reports, firefighters rescued the driver trapped under the mutilated vehicle and sent him to Baripada hospital for treatment.

However, another person believed to be inside the trailer is still missing and rescuers are trying to find him, sources said.

After a delegation and the MLA carried out an inspection of the vulnerable ghat road Today, two accidents occurred at Duarsuni Ghat.

A truck hit a scooter first and got stuck on the road to the ghat. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the accident.

In the last hours, a trailer truck drove 100 feet on the vulnerable road of Bangriposi ghat. After a long time, the police removed the vehicle traffic jam from the ghat road.

Frequent accidents at Duarsuni Ghat on the NH-49 which crosses the area from Bangiriposi to Mayurbhanj have raised concerns for commuters. At least four people were injured after a truck loaded with onions hit a bolero at Duarsuni Ghat on Wednesday.

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