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Allowances for teachers, improved traffic and health services mark Minglanilla Mayor’s first 100 days

ABOUT 1,500 public school teachers in the city of Minglanilla could start receiving monthly stipends from the city government starting next year.

This is one of the promises made by the Mayor of Minglanilla, Rajiv Enad, during his first State of the City (Sota) address on Wednesday, October 5, 2022, where he discussed his achievements during his first 100 days in office.

Enad’s Sota also coincided with the 160th anniversary of the city’s founding and National Teachers’ Day.

Enad said city officials decided to give public school teachers a monthly stipend in recognition of their hard work.

He said he had already asked members of the Minglanilla City Council led by Vice Mayor Elanito Peña to include the monthly stipend for public school teachers in next year’s annual budget.

The mayor, however, will not yet disclose how much each teacher will receive.

“It is only a small amount. But even if it is a small amount, it is a form of thanks to all our public school teachers who have made a lot of sacrifice and effort to educate our young people” , added Enad.

Traffic improvement

In his speech, Enad also pointed to improvements in traffic management, personnel services, flood mitigation, health and social services.

He said the city’s traffic monitoring capability had improved with the installation of a state-of-the-art traffic control center in August.

Also in August, the mayor appointed Glenn Antigua as the new head of Minglanilla Traffic Command (Mitcom). Antigua was the Chief of Operations for Mandaue’s Traffic Enforcement Agency.

Enad also announced that the city was preparing to bid for the purchase of new traffic lights to replace the old ones.

Apart from improving Mitcom’s capabilities, Enad also asked Peña and council members to come up with legislation that would help improve the traffic situation in the city.

During Enad’s first 100 days in office, the city council passed three first-reading ordinances aimed at tackling traffic congestion, including penalizing those who deliberately obstruct the city’s main and secondary roads and imposing a strict ban trucks at certain times of the day.

For long-term solutions, Enad met with Representative Rhea Mae Gullas (Cebu, 1st) and officials from the Department of Public Works and Highways and the Provincial Planning and Development Office to discuss plans for opening roads in diversion in order to decongest the main roads of the city. Highway.

To deal with flooding in the city, Enad said it has instructed the Municipal Engineering Office (MEO) and the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office to continue unclogging drainage systems in flooded areas and to dredge and clean waterways to prepare for heavy rains.

The municipal authorities are also in talks with private partners to develop a drainage master plan, which will include ‘ridge-to-reef’ drainage projects, in particular from Barangays Pinggan, Pakigne and Tungkil; from Pakigné to Calajoan; from Poblacion to Tulay; districts 4, 2 and Tulay; from Tunghaan to Springwood Subdivision to Tulay; and from Guindarohan to Tunghaan to Tungkop.

On public health, Enad said the free mobile medical and diagnostic mission he launched the day after he was sworn in continues to benefit people in the city’s 19 barangays.

He said Minglanilla is one of the few local government units (LGUs) in the province to have a cancer prevention program, which offers free pap smears, visual inspection of the cervix and examination. boobs for women.

The city is also one of two LGUs in the First District that offers HPV-DNA testing, which is crucial for early detection and treatment of cervical cancer.

Enad added that their rural health office has recently been accredited by the Ministry of Health as a social hygiene clinic, enabling it to carry out testing, treatment and counseling for people living with HIV. and other sexually transmitted diseases.

He added that the town is also one of the pioneers of the community drug rehabilitation and treatment program in the region, where they train members of the Barangay Drug Council to conduct random screening and symposium as a means of promoting a town. drug free. .

Other health programs such as the ongoing Dengue Search, Destroy and Surveillance strategy and its ongoing vaccination against Covid-19 have been intensified to ensure their constituents are protected against these deadly diseases.

Solid waste

Enad also reported improvements in garbage collection and solid waste management.

The commune plans to buy large dumpsters that can store 15 to 20 tons of garbage and place them in strategic areas of the barangays to solve the garbage collection problems.

Enad also added that the council has already approved several ordinances aimed at improving solid waste management, such as the ordinance penalizing those caught disposing of their trash improperly and other similar acts; and an ordinance that implements segregation of garbage.

He also ordered a ban on the mining of sand and gravel in the city’s rivers to lessen its negative impact on the environment.

Tourism and SMEs

Enad said that in terms of tourism, they conducted a rapid assessment to identify potential tourist attractions and draft the city’s cultural development plan for 2023.

The city reorganized the Minglanilla Tourism, Culture and Arts Council which would facilitate rapid assessment.

They have also supported small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the city by promoting their products to the rest of Cebu.

Enad said they participated in the One Cebu Expo and the Cebu Provincial Government Cebu Expo to promote their city’s products.

He also supported the return of their annual Kabanhawan festival and other celebratory activities after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fiesta activities have provided Minglanilla’s creative industry with a way to showcase its craftsmanship, Enad added.

Earlier this year, Enad also led the opening of Abante Park, where SMEs could display and sell their products.

Using social media as a platform, Enad has also launched “Tastes of Minglanilla”, a promotional campaign to help food establishments operating in the city.

In terms of infrastructure, Enad said that some infrastructure projects have been implemented. Services at the town hall have also been improved through strict monitoring of lateness at work. The city’s website was also launched to promote transparency.

“As mayor, I humbly and firmly put both feet on the ground. Humbly, because we need to embrace our current shortcomings and persistent problems and accept them as challenges. Firmly, because we are steadfast in our determination, and we are steadfast in our determination and in our plans and goals for a better and brighter Minglanilla,” Enad added.