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5 portable weighbridge systems in review

When looking for a portable weighbridge, finding an economical, efficient, durable and reliable weighing system for long term use is imperative. The process of buying portable scales for trucks involves comparing different makes and models, and contrasting different specifications and technologies.

To help you narrow your search down to some of the leading systems on the market, here’s a quick look at five portable weighbridges and what makes each an option for industrial weighing.

AgWeigh’s AXW moving axle scale is shown here, one of the leading systems on the market. See information on this portable weighbridge below.

CAS RW-X Series Axle Weigher (RW-X1S)CAS RW-X Series Axle Weigher (RW-X1S)

This portable weighbridge is a cost effective alternative to conventional weighbridges. Each unit is built with tubular steel technology for heavy duty applications, making it suitable for weighing trailers, concentrated loads, axle trucks, dump trucks and more.

The CAS RW-X Series Axle Weigher has 3 standard tubular steel leveling feet and 4 captive ball leveling feet, so it can be used on gravel or paved surfaces. The unit allows you to set up weight inspection in minutes. In addition, the axle weighing scale goes for $ 4,698 only.

Prime USA PS-40KWP2 ScalesPrime USA PS-40KWP2 Scales

Made from an upgraded aluminum structure and reinforced rubber ramps, this portable weighbridge is suitable for weighing all dump trucks, cars, trailers and even trucks. The Prime USA scale PS-40KWP2 has a low profile design and each axle scale system includes factory calibration, stainless steel indicator and carrying case, making it one of the best options for portable truck weighing.

This portable truck scale also includes four ramps and two scales each with a capacity of 20,000 lbs, a one year limited warranty and a very strong and durable aluminum scale base to last for years to come. It comes at a price of $ 6,000.

AgWeigh AXW Axle Scale in Motion

AgWeigh AXW Axle Scale in MotionThe AXW moving axle ladder from AgWeight is designed to weigh vehicles of different weight capacities. This portable scale is designed to provide efficient weighing with the option of dynamic or static weighing. Generally, this scale is best suited for transport trucks and agricultural applications.

The AXW Moving Axle Ladder is made from a single piece of aluminum and designed to provide an ultralight portable scale that will provide years of service. And thanks to its waterproof housing, you can rely on its reliability even on rainy days. AgWeigh’s portable weighbridges are supported by its parent company, Waltz scale, and industry leader in various types of truck scales.

Cardinal 760PS PA axle scaleCardinal 760PS PA axle scale

This is a two-module load scale that is relatively light but handles like any other heavy scale with a capacity of 60,000 lbs. The PA 760PS Axle Ladder comes with stainless steel aluminum access ramps, environmentally friendly USA made stainless steel junction box and load cells and checkerboard bridge giving you the peak performance you have you need it, when and where you need it. The price for this product varies however, but you can get it for around $ 10,000.

Mass Load Axle Pad Scale

Mass Load Axle Pad ScaleThe portable axle cushion scale Bulk loading is renowned for its large weighing area and low profile – features that make it the easiest option to use for determining the weight of a truck. This equipment can be used with ramps for above ground installations or under a concrete pit for those who would like to install them in a permanent location.

The tool mentioned above is portable, which allows the machine to be used anywhere (above the ground). Note that its scale is calibrated with fully traceable certified weights providing reliable results for different weight load levels. Some roomy bearings measure 84 inches by 30 inches, which allows for double truck weight, while a larger variety, also known as three-axle bearings, measure 144 inches by 30 inches, which allows trucks bigger.

Good portable weighbridges are systems that are easy to transport from one place to another while providing wheel weigher technology. From these criteria, it is possible to arrive at a final choice that meets individual needs according to the budgetary constraints in force.

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