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5 Cheap Movers in Singapore and Other DIY Moving Services, Lifestyle News

Moving is an exhausting business. This is a huge project because you have to pack your belongings in boxes and luggage (or trash bags), track, move from A to B and finally, unpack.

The cost of hiring a mover is not negligible as it could potentially run into the thousands. We’ve rounded up the top five cheap moving companies to trust with your belongings in the world. Prices per 14 foot truck start from $ 158.

Thinking of doing it yourself good for emergency purposes? Instead of making multiple trips with a rental van or using a carsharing vehicle, take a look at alternative moving services first. You can get a van and mover starting at $ 23 per trip, making the move more cost effective and less labor-intensive.

Top five cheap movers in Singapore (2021)

Moving services

Helping Hand moving services have been around for over 20 years. Their workers are able to move large objects in tight corners with dexterity.

Before moving, workers will wrap large items such as sofas and mattresses with giant plastic wrap to protect them from dirt and damage. Overall, they are affordable and the service is excellent and fast.

While the staff won’t help you with packing, they will provide you with up to 20 free boxes and help you get rid of unwanted items.

One interesting thing to note is that The Helping Hand started out as a Christian halfway house rehabilitating former drug addicts. The team is made up of ex-offenders closely supervised by a senior manager. So when you hire them, you offer them work opportunities that help them reintegrate into society.

Tel: (65) 9111 4797 or (65) 6285 7847/6283 2204

Cheap movers Singapore

With a name like this, you won’t be disappointed with Cheap Movers Singapore’s budget prices. A good thing about them is that they will take care of you even if it is a small move. Cheap Movers Singapore also does the packing and unpacking and is available at short notice.

Phone. : 8711 8489

KNT movers

KNT Movers are renowned for helping people move abroad. They have a wide range of services including packing and unpacking, disposal, short-term storage, dismantling and assembly, and moving of pianos.

A bonus point about KNT Movers is that they provide unlimited free boxes. Once they assess how many things you need to move, they will deliver the required number of boxes to you with tape and labels.

Phone. : 6747 6636

Elite movers

Elite movers come highly recommended because they are affordable, fast and reliable. They have experience helping owners of HDB apartments, condos, and land properties relocate.

They are equipped with cranes, special ramps, and carts to help you move difficult items like pianos and organs, as well as disposal and storage services. They also provide free boxes, ribbons, and labels.

They have three types of moving services:

  • Basic moving
  • Packing and moving
  • Packing, moving and unpacking

Phone. : 6242 4886

Shalom movers

Shalom Movers aims to be the number one movers in Singapore. Their staff are professionally trained to move works of art, antiques and pianos with care.

Before moving, a surveyor will come to assess your moving needs and provide you with a precise estimate. You are billed based on the number of items moved, regardless of size or weight, which makes it more cost-effective.

We especially like that they have a packing and unpacking service, which saves you time. Plus, if your new home can’t accommodate everything, you can temporarily store stuff with Shalom Movers.

Phone. : 6287 6117

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DIY moving services (driver and van / truck only)

If you think you can handle the packing and moving yourself, you can only hire a truck and driver and save money. Here are some platforms and services that you can access:

Carousell (from $ 40)

While it was traditionally an online platform for people to sell their used items, now you can find movers and delivery services on Carousell.

The good thing is that the prices are transparent and they average only $ 40. The bad thing is you might not know if these are scams. Check out the last section on how to protect yourself if you want to try an unknown mover.

Cost: from $ 40

Cheapest SG Mover (starting at $ 70 for five boxes)

Cheaper Mover SG offers the lowest rates as a business – but no labor is included in these prices. There is, however, an option to add help at work if you need it. The service is charged by the hour, so prepare the items to be moved in advance so that travel time is kept to a minimum.

We love that it offers a complete, transparent table that shows all the extras so that there are no hidden costs. Parking and ERP fees are billed separately, but at least they’re straightforward about it.

Moving costs start from $ 70 for up to 5 boxes or luggage with a van to transport your stuff. If you have a lot of stuff, you can pay $ 280 for 40 boxes or luggage. Anything more would be charged $ 7 per box or baggage.

They also offer vehicle rentals if you want to do DIY. Rent a van for $ 40 / hr or a truck for $ 55 / hr. Recharge $ 20 / hr and $ 30 / hr for 50% assistance.

Cost: From $ 40 per hour for the van / $ 55 per hour for the truck (from $ 25) is an online platform that connects customers with movers and drivers. All you have to do is grab where you want your stuff picked up and where you want it left. Select a vehicle, be it a van, 10ft or 14ft truck, and get an instant quote.

You can then add services such as labor at $ 54 per person and furniture dismantling and assembly at around $ 50. Note that surcharges apply, for example if the move takes more than an hour and a half.

With over 200 experienced truck and van drivers, the service is pretty quick.

Cost: From $ 25

Rental (estimate only)

Rentalorry provides moving services as well as the vehicle with a single mover. The website is not very comprehensive – you will have to call to get quotes for the services you need. But based on some quotes we got, that’s about $ 60 per trip for a pickup truck and $ 100 to $ 180 per trip with a truck.

Cost: Get your quote here

GoGoX (from $ 23 per trip)

GoGoX is a Hong Kong-based on-demand logistics company that connects users with a network of drivers who make same-day deliveries. In addition to delivering documents and packages, they also offer van and truck rentals as well as moving services.

A simple moving service that includes the rental of a van and a driver-slash-mover will cost you from $ 38 to $ 57.

Cost: Starting at $ 23 for a van, one driver per trip

From $ 40 for a 10-foot truck one driver per trip

Starting at $ 80 for a 14-foot truck one driver per trip

Lalamove (depending on the distance)

Lalamove is another Hong Kong start-up that does on-demand logistics, matching users to drivers for same-day or even within the hour deliveries. Instead of invoicing by parcel, Lalamove invoices according to the vehicles and the distance. So if you move nearby, you could save money with Lalamove.

You reserve the type of vehicle depending on the quantity you want to move. For example, for anything 8 kg or less, you can use a motorcycle.

The charge is a base cost of $ 10 plus $ 0.30 for each kilometer. Vans have a base price of $ 30 or $ 38 (depending on size) and $ 0.50 per kilometer. The standard 14-foot truck has a base of $ 79 and $ 0.75 per kilometer.

All of this comes with the driver who will help you at no additional cost, unless you have hired a truck. In this case, you have to pay an additional $ 30 for his help and $ 40 for another pair of helping hands.

This service is great for the Mary Kondos of the world who have reduced their earthly possessions to only those things which “cause joy”. Or, if you live not too far from where you want to move.

Prices start from $ 15. They also offer help for a fee.

You can follow your driver in real time via his application and get a delivery record. So if you have furniture and other bulky items, Lalamove is a better choice than GoGoVan.

Cost: Base rate $ 30 + $ 0.50 per km / Base rate $ 79 + $ 0.75 per km

5 things to watch out for when choosing an unknown mover

If you’re trying a really inexpensive moving service from a company you may not be familiar with, watch these five things:

Comments: Are there any blogs or reviews about the company you are considering hiring? Even when the service is cheap, just do a Google search to see that it’s a treasure or a terror. If you are particularly risk averse, don’t go for companies without notice.

Discover their know-how: Can movers negotiate tight turns? How adept are they at disassembling and assembling furniture? Do they know how to handle antiques or art? Do they know how to move a piano? Ask them for their training and expertise in these areas.


Ask questions about the worst case scenarios: Are your items insured? What happens if the movers get injured on the job? What if there is a delay that is not your fault? What if something (mysteriously) goes missing? Will there be a supervisor on site at all times? Can movers understand English (if you are hopelessly monolingual)?

Know all the charges (hidden): You will definitely need cling film, bubble wrap, or boxes when you move. Check if the company provides them as a free service and if not, how much you will need to pay for them.

Are there additional charges for moving pianos and organs, lifting or climbing stairs? Is there a deadline that they impose? Are there any additional charges for disposing of items?

Get it in writing: Once you receive the quote, make sure all possible costs are itemized. If the mover said things would work out, then later states that you would need another truck, a written agreement will protect you from additional costs.