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4 Reasons a Truck Driver’s Background Matters in Denver

It has long been known that a commercial driver’s accident history predicts whether they will cause accidents in the future.

Denver, CO – Truckers are under great pressure to stay safe at all times and avoid accidents. This is because trucking is actually one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Employers who are hiring drivers often do background checks to make sure that every driver they employ is going to follow all the relevant rules and that they don’t have a history of causing trouble. There are attorneys who can sue a trucking company when an accident is created by a negligent driver.

Accident history can predict future problems

It has long been known that a commercial driver’s accident history predicts whether they will cause accidents in the future. Insurance companies routinely use these types of metrics when deciding policy costs for drivers. They found that the risk of insuring a driver who has an accident history is always higher than drivers who do not have a previous collision record. Employers may also be reluctant to hire a driver if they know the person has caused multiple prior incidents and creates the risk of litigation with Denver accident attorneys.

Proper credentials are required

Trucking companies must review the driver’s background to ensure they are legally able to operate commercial vehicles. Each driver must have a valid CDL of the class that matches the types of vehicles the company uses. It is also important that the driver has additional training and endorsements for things like hazardous materials or company machinery and procedures. There can be serious consequences if law enforcement finds that the driver is driving this type of vehicle without CDL or other required credentials.

Illegal behavior may result in criminal charges and prosecution

prescription drugs; image courtesy of Bmramon via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0,

The trucking industry has had problems with drivers who have substance abuse issues and choose to operate their vehicle after consuming drugs and alcohol. This can lead to serious criminal charges, especially if someone is injured or killed by a drunk driver. In addition to criminal charges against an individual driver, it is also possible that the driver’s employer could be sued by Denver truck accident attorneys and be required to pay significant compensation to anyone injured by an unfit driver. drunk.

Loss of income due to violations

If a trucker finds it difficult to follow the rules and regulations, their vehicle may be taken out of service. This means the employer can miss deadlines and lose profits while the vehicle waits to get back on the road.

Tips after a truck accident in Denver

There are attorneys available in Colorado and other states to provide advice after an accident. is a service that helps people find attorneys in their area, and they can be reached at 800-672-3103.