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1/64 scale Mazda RX-3 shows crazy B18 Bimoto swap, too bad it’s not real

This isn’t the first time the guys at Jakarta Diecast Project have impressed the world with their miniature project cars. The last time they caught our eye, they had just finished working on a Volkswagen Beetle race car with Porsche elements. Since then they have been very busy showing cars like the Chevy Panel lowrider, Mercedes-Benz Speedster, BMW E46 Wagon, Mazda Repu Drift truck and Pikes Peak Hill Climb Honda CR-V.

If all of these cars had been built for real, not as die-cast replicas, that would have been enough for an exciting SEMA booth. And that just goes to show that tuning shouldn’t just be for road vehicles. You can tune a die-cast vehicle by modifying several things including the wheels, bodywork, and other details such as the engine, seats, and paint.

And that’s exactly what these creative people accomplished with their new project: a Mazda RX-3 Hot Wheels. It was already a pretty cool scale car, to begin with, but almost anyone can get their hands on one. So the only way to make it more special is to start tinkering with it. Taking the car apart was the first step in the process. The standard main wheels were to go, they are not suitable for a project of this scale.

New “secondary market” the wheels are a dramatic improvement over the stock, and it’s amazing how much effort people are going to put into building these miniature replicas. Removing the paint is the next step in the process and then it’s time for a thorough bodywork. Most people might not like the idea that this RX-3 won’t continue to sport a rotary engine. Instead, the automaker decided to go for a Honda swap.

But instead of using a single B18 engine, he opts for two, one at the front and one at the rear. At first glance, these handcrafted engines use individual throttle bodies, which means they are naturally aspirated. In stock, one of these should be good for around 200 horsepower!

With AWD this RX-3 should be a lot easier to drive, although it can feel a bit wild. The new paint job is a mix of green and orange and the stickers reveal the Jagermeister theme intended from the start. Painting the headlights is crucial if you want to make the cast replica more realistic and I have to say the result has a sort of Liberty Walk vibe!

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