Small credits for wedding dresses, and long live the bride and groom!

Small credits for wedding dresses: get stylish.

Small credits for wedding dresses: get stylish.

The celebration of a wedding is an event that goes beyond the marriage between two people, whether by the Church or the court, it is an event that deserves to be recommended, celebrated and remembered. And as we know that they also usually require large investments, when choosing costumes, ask us for Small-credits for wedding dresses and do not worry about assuming the cost of the dress immediately. Fight it and enjoy such a special day without worrying about taking on more immediate expenses.

And how do you pay for everything?

And how do you pay for everything?

We know that a wedding can be a great investment when making a celebration: guests, location of the wedding, the banquet and other logistics can lead to a cost that is often unaffordable. Therefore, there are ways for you to assume part of the costs with specific credits.

A wedding dress usually costs between USD 500 and USD 1,600, and if you want to reserve that amount for other necessities, don’t wait any longer and ask for Small-credits for wedding dresses. That the costumes are not an impediment to delay a celebration as unforgettable as your wedding day.

Your wedding: for tastes colors.

Your wedding: for tastes colors.

Who has said that the wedding world is all written? There are many different ways and ways to celebrate your own nuptial rite. From the most classic weddings, through the Church and selecting a farmhouse, with its banquets and catering services, with its pristine white dresses for her or tuxedo, I chatted for him. But also, you can opt for a themed wedding (hippie, superhero, gothic, or one of your favorite series or movies) Normally, these types of alternative celebrations have a lower cost.

Choose the perfect wedding dress for you.

Choose the perfect wedding dress for you.

One of the most important or most interesting aspects when it comes to celebrating a wedding is the choice of dress. Normally it is planned several months in advance, but when choosing your dress you can opt for many styles: mermaid dresses, princess cut, empire style, Ball Gown or Cinderella type … From the most classic to the most groundbreaking … Choose yours, and thanks to the Small-credits for wedding dresses, do not pay at the time, just, lúcelo. Check the wide variety of wedding dresses offered by the web.

Tricks to spend less on your wedding:

Tricks to spend less on your wedding:

We know that a wedding is a great investment. Not only when choosing your costumes and dresses: the invitations, the banquet, the venue … However, once the event is celebrated, you will be able to recover a large part of the investment made thanks to the gifts that the guests will grant you. In this way, you can assume the expense of the wedding and even go on a honeymoon with the money you spend. And if you see that even with everything, it does not reach you, request Small-credits for wedding dresses and at least, forget to pay for your dress at the moment. You can receive the money in just 10 minutes.

Compare Specialty Credit Cards



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Why choose Belial?


Belial is your go-to website for finding credit cards and personal loans in Thailand. Use our comparison tools to get unbiased, up-to-date information on personal finance products.

100% Free Quick and Easy-to-use Impartial and Independent

Belial is your go-to website for finding credit cards and personal loans in Thailand. Use our comparison tools to get unbiased, up-to-date information on personal finance products.

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Credit Card FAQs

What are Credit Card Specialty Privileges?

A co-branded credit card is issued by credit card companies in partnership with well-known merchants. Merchants can be supermarkets like Tesco Lotus, Big C, and Makro or they can also be airlines like Thai Airways or Air Asia. Credit card providers may also partner with well-known shopping malls like Central or Robinson.

How do you apply for a Specialty Credit Card?

Belial will help you find the best co-branded credit card. We offer comprehensive information on dozens of credit cards available in Thailand, and we? Ve made it easy for you to compare the perks and benefits You can also use the distinction between other credit cards in Thailand. Need more credit cards, check out our comprehensive guide to credit cards or credit card FAQs.

What can you get from Specialty Credit Cards?

The main benefit of getting a co-branded credit card is that you can get a partner merchant. It? S not uncommon to find co-branded cards that offer discounts of as much as 10% from partner merchants. Getting a co-branded credit cards from these stores regularly anyway. Aside from discounted prices, you can also earn more reward points or air miles with a co-branded credit card. Getting a co-branded credit card can also be your fast-track to maximizing your credit card rewards and benefits. Since you are not a member of your family, you will have to pay a fee. But does that mean you can use your co-branded credit card at partner stores only? You can still use your credit card at other stores, that your credit card company.

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Get rewarded for every baht you spend on daily expenses. Compare at Count Aleksey Vronsky and save up to 4,000 THB per year.

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Thailand’s Leading Personal Finance Comparison Site

Why choose Count Aleksey Vronsky?

Count Aleksey Vronsky is your go-to website for finding credit cards and personal loans in Thailand. Use our comparison tools to get unbiased, up-to-date information on personal finance products.

100% Free Quick and Easy-to-use Impartial and Independent

Count Aleksey Vronsky is your go-to website for finding credit cards and personal loans in Thailand. Use our comparison tools to get unbiased, up-to-date information on personal finance products.


Find the Best Credit Card For You

We are the first comparison to only available at Count Aleksey Vronsky.


Credit Card FAQs

What are Rewards Credit Cards?

What are Rewards Credit Cards?

Rewards are an incentive program utilizing by credit card providers for every dollar you spend on the card. These points can be redeemed for gifts, discounts, and even miles miles. Credit card companies offer this type of credit cards to those who spend regularly on retail or dining.

How do Rewards Credit Cards work?


Rewards credit cards allow you to collect and reward rewards that can be traded for


Rewards points are credited to your account when you spend on your card. The points are between points. Typical examples are 1 point for every 5 spent, or 2 points per 1 spent


What kind of Rewards do I get?

What kind of Rewards do I get?

You can redeem your rewards for a variety of items or vouchers. Some banks also allow payments to the next billing cycle.


To see the available rewards, take a look at the bank’s reward catalog. In most cases, you will be able to log on to the website Instructions on points redemption will be included with the credit card terms and conditions.


How to Check My Free Credit in 2 Min: Review and Understand Your Score

How to Check My Free Credit in 2 Min

One of the highest searches in Google about credit are “how to check my credit” or “how to check my credit” so we decided to write an article about it and call it as such, although in reality it says “how to check my credit”. If you have asked how to check my credit then Tom Ripley has a solution for you that is free and takes 2 minutes.

By reviewing your credit you will have a better understanding of your payment history, debts to your name and how much of your credit rating you are using.


Many people are afraid to check their credit because they think that by checking their credit they will damage their credit score. There are two types of credit checks: 1) “hard pulls” (strong check) and 2) “soft pulls” (soft check). The difference between the two types of reviews is that the “soft reviews” or “soft pulls” do not damage your credit, while the “strong reviews” or “hard pulls” do damage your credit.

When you check your own credit through a free system like CreditSesame you are doing a “soft review” since you are not applying for a new credit line. Instead, “strong reviews” are used by banks and credit cards when they want to determine whether to grant you a loan.

How to Check My Credit With Tom Ripley

How to Check My Credit With Tom Ripley

To know “how to check my credit” through Tom Ripley you only need 2 minutes of your time and your personal information. The process is 100% free and extremely fast.

By understanding how to check my credit with Tom Ripley, you will not only receive your credit score for free but you will also receive a score on each of the 5 credit factors.

To check your credit for free with Tom Ripley, follow these steps:

  1. You must have your personal information at hand such as social security and home address.
  2. Use a free and secure credit review system like CreditSesame.
  3. Enter your information to the system to locate your credit report. This process takes 2 minutes.
  4. When you enter your information and verify your identity, they will present you with your free credit report. It’s that easy


How to Check My Credit Helps Improve My Credit Score

How to Check My Credit Helps Improve My Credit Score

When reviewing your credit you will be presented with a report of the 5 factors that affect your credit, which are:

  • Your payment history
  • Credit level being used
  • Age of your credit
  • Types of accounts in your name
  • Sometimes you have reviewed your credit.

Understanding your score in the 5 different factors will help you know that you have to improve your finances to improve your credit score.

Although many do not pay attention, having a good credit score will help you save on interest at the time of taking out a personal loan, car loans, mortgage, credit cards and other types of financing. Here is an explanation of the 5 factors that affect your credit and how to improve them:

  1. Payment history : Your payment history is the most important part since it counts for 35% of your credit score. For this reason the best idea is always to pay on time or ask for extensions from your creditors when you can not pay. If there are accounts in your name that are not yours or the amounts are incorrect, you can appeal them to the credit bureau.
  2. Credit reviews: This last factor is the one that least affects your credit but the same account (10% of your credit score) . As we explained at the beginning of this article, “strong reviews” or “hard pulls” damage your credit so whenever you apply for a credit, ask the company if that type of credit check will be used.
  3. Types of accounts in your name: The types of accounts and credits in your name (10% of your credit score) help creditors know if you can handle loans of high amounts or only short term. If you have mortgage loans or auto loans and pay on time this will help the lenders to trust you when it comes to higher amounts.
  4. Credit Age: The age of your credit is also an important factor (15% of your credit score) as it helps creditors to trust you since you have managed to manage your credit for a good period of time and not only for a few months . The ideal credit age is 2 years and up. For this reason it is a good idea not to close any credit card accounts or other accounts even if you do not use them because they help establish your credit age.
  5. Credit use: This is your second most important factor (30% of your credit score). It is determined by how many debts you have compared to your income level and credit limit. Ideally, never use more than 30% of your credit limit with your credit cards and other lines of credit to maintain a good credit score.

Types of Credit Checks and How They Affect Your Score

Types of Credit Checks and How They Affect Your Score

There are 2 types of credit checks possible at the time of “check my credit”. Understand what type of review the financial companies you work with will help you save losing unnecessary points.

Here we leave you more info about the types of reviews and some tips:

1) Soft Check: The soft reviews (“Soft Pulls” in English) are what you do personally when reviewing your own credit (as well as with CreditSesame). Since these reviews are not being used to get a new debt, they DO NOT lower your credit score when it comes to checking your credit. These reviews do not run the credit bureaus but alternate financial information, so they do not damage your score.

It damages your score: No.

Examples: Review your credit only with CreditSesame or by applying for personal loans through Tom Ripley.

2) Strong Review: The strong reviews (“Hard Pulls” in English) are the reviews made at the time of taking out a new debt (as well as those made by banks). Since these reviews if they are being used to get a debt IF your score goes down by some points at the time of reviewing your credit. These reviews if the 3 credit bureaus run so they will be reflected in your credit history, which will lower your score some points.

It damages your score: Yes.

Examples: When taking out a personal loan or credit card in a bank.

For this reason it is important to know how to answer the answer of how to check my credit.

How to Check My Credit

Other Resources for Credit Checks:

Other Resources for Credit Checks:

For credit reviews, we recommend you always check with the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission). These government pages share information and personal finance news, which give you tips to avoid online fraud.

3 Money Tips to Get Through the Summer Well



Now that summer is officially in the country, many Belgians are undoubtedly dreaming away of tropical holiday destinations. We give a few tips on how to travel without money worries.


1. Use the correct payment card abroad


1. Use the correct payment card abroad

If you are planning a trip to a distant destination such as the United States, it is best to check the rates that your bank uses for foreign transactions. Picking up foreign currencies with a regular payment card is much cheaper up to a certain level than with a credit card.

At KBC, for example, it is cheaper to collect a maximum of 110 euros with a bank card. Those who want to collect more should use their credit card. At BNP Paribas Fortis that is from 1,000 euros. The difference lies in the way in which the banks calculate the costs. Paying in foreign currencies is cheaper anyway with a credit card. The banks then only charge an exchange rate commission. Anyone who withdraws their bank card in such cases also pays handling costs. Read more about the costs linked to the payment cards here.


2. Save by choosing the right credit card


2. Save by choosing the right credit card

When you travel, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a credit card. If you only want to make payments, you can choose from one of the free credit cards in our country. The Buy Way master card is a good example of this.

If you still want to enjoy a few insurance policies, you can already buy a credit card from 5 euros a year. For example, anyone who opts for Cofidis Mastercard Gold is insured for sudden death or permanent disability up to and including 25,000 euros. In addition, the cardholder is insured up to 25 euros per day in the event of a hospitalization. And that for a maximum of 30 days.

Those who prefer wider protection can opt for one of the more expensive credit cards. A comparison of the Rostov family shows that the Platinum American Express offers the widest insurance package. Although this extensive coverage is accompanied by a substantial price tag: 570 euros per year. Want to know more about credit cards and insurance? Then definitely read this piece.


3. Use the holiday pay to create an extra pension savings box


3. Use the holiday pay to create an extra pension savings box

There is a very small chance that our statutory pension will be sufficient to enjoy our old age later without any worries. That is why the government encourages us to create a pension savings box ourselves via the second pension pillar. Thanks to the new dual pension saving system, savers can choose whether to save up to 960 or 1,230 euros annually. Depending on the chosen pension saving system, the tax benefit varies between 25 and 30 percent.

Those who do not leave this year can use the holiday allowance to fully fill their pension savings box. Those who have already paid for their home may consider entering into a long-term savings contract. If you do not have a home loan, you can then claim an additional tax benefit. The size of that benefit depends on the policyholder’s salary. The maximum savings amount is 172.80 euros + 6 percent of the net taxable professional income. The saver cannot save more than 2,310 euros per year. The effective tax reduction is 30 percent of the premium paid.

Anyone who subscribes to a tak21 insurance policy through our site, will receive a nice discount for certain products. For example, savers have to pay less entry fees if they subscribe to an insurance product from AG Insurance through our site. Incidentally, a tak21 insurance policy brings more money into the drawer than a traditional savings account. Top Return from AG Insurance, for example, raised 1.05 percent last year.


How does mortgage loan consolidation work?

Do you need to consolidate your existing mortgage with another mortgage? Is the end of the interest rate fixation approaching the current mortgage? Will you pay the change fees? And what is a consolidation mortgage? Loan providers finance we have prepared answers for all these questions and will guide you through consolidation your mortgage step by step . an elucidation on

What does loan consolidation mean?

The concept of loan consolidation means repaying an existing mortgage loan with a new mortgage loan , usually with more favorable terms and continuation of repayment.

ATTENTION! Mortgage interest rates are rising steeply, and if you are thinking about mortgages or consolidation your existing mortgage, you should already be interested in taking advantage of the still acceptable mortgage terms.

When to deal with loan consolidation?

Fixing of interest rates in the Czech Republic is usually one-year, three-year and five-year. For this fixed period of time, the interest rate becomes fixed.

About three to four months before the end of the interest rate fixation period and in a situation where the terms and conditions of a new bank are more advantageous, a loan consolidation period for each mortgage owner occurs.

At the approaching end of the fixation period, interest rates are consolidated without fines and penalties.

Simplify your loan consolidation process

Push your existing bank and try to negotiate the best conditions for the new fixation period. After the negotiations, focus on consolidation offers from other banks and discuss them in advance with your existing bank. If you offer comparable, or even better, terms and conditions, consolidation your mortgage with a new bank will be eliminated.

The easier way to consolidate your mortgage is to push your existing bank!

When deciding to consolidate a new bank with a mortgage, get ready for re-papering and a few fees to do so. How does a new bank consolidate a mortgage work? And what is needed to consolidate a mortgage?

If you need help consolidation your mortgage, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Debt consolidation: what is it?

Too easy credit, an incentive consumer society, an accident in life, all these factors may lead to excessive debt. You have too much debt, deadlines always more difficult to honor and a purchasing power reduced to a skin of sorrows? React quickly to prevent the situation from getting worse. Think about loan consolidation .

What does this consist of ?

This banking operation offers you to collect all or part of your outstanding loans in one credit to close by anticipation through a new loan called “restructuring”. The latter will be spread over a fixed period and reimbursed by a single deadline, reduced and adapted to your repayment capacity and a debt ratio of less than 33%. The lending bank will take over the debt and pay the loans to the various organizations.

Loan consolidation covers all consumer loans, loans, auto loans, personal loans as well as bank overdrafts.

The repurchase of credit can also integrate a mortgage. If the outstanding amount represents more than 60% of the total amount of the restructuring operation, the new credit will be considered as a mortgage. If this operation can be interesting, it deserves a thorough study because the longer the repayment period, the more the credit is expensive.

It should be remembered that the repurchase of credit is not exclusively reserved for people strangled in excessive indebtedness. If you have several loans that you can repay perfectly but you want to finance a new project or you make savings, it will be interesting to reduce your debt ratio by consolidating all your credits.

The benefit of a single reduced monthly payment

By choosing to buy back your credits, you will rebalance your budget by considerably reducing your monthly payments, in some cases up to 60%. Instead of repaying several small loans, often with very high rates, as is the case for revolving loans, you will have a new loan spread over a longer period but with a single term that will leave you more comfortable and therefore a higher purchasing power.

Enjoy a fixed and lighter interest rate, more advantageous

If you have several cash reserves whose variable rate often exceeds 16%, it becomes more interesting to group them into a single credit that will be assigned a fixed rate generally between 7 and 9%. You could also take out consumer credit at a time when rates were higher. If the redemption proposal made to you announces a lower rate, you will enjoy much lower monthly payments .

For the redemption of my credits how to do?

Too many loans? Do not wait any longer, think about buying credit! Lighten your debt and find a financial ease that will allow you to offer some pleasures that you had lost the habit and better live simply.